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Join our new Weekend Warrior Workshop (WWW) for self promoting your business/ideas, Saturday December 5th, 11:00am – 3:00pm (est)

Increase your business awareness with easy to manage, do-it-yourself marketing items; Ready to go in MS Publisher and MS Word.

Sample redesign project

In this 4hr session, you’ll learn the basics of art and design as taught to graphic artists and other media professionals yet tailored to users of basic desktop publishing tools. Get familiar with the basics of typography, the fundamentals of page layout, the technical side to achieve balance between a paragraph and graphic images within your document, and above all, learn how to insert, crop, rotate and manipulate photos to enhance the “Call to Action” in your communication piece.

Design your own marketing materials

Enhance the look of your business plan, press release, and sales presentation. Get answers on what to look for in paper selection, color management, online sources for royalty free pictures and more. Even if you find that desktop publishing isn’t your thing, you will learn what to ask for and what to expect from your graphic designer or printer.

“If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it”
Direct mail campaigns are more effective than you think. As a bonus, attendees to this workshop will receive access to the following courses to help you preserve the integrity of your business image:

Note: Due to Covid constraints, we are now offering 2-hour and full-day sessions remotely via zoom conferencing. All participants need to have their own working copy of microsoft tools in order to participate in the exercise (download a trial from Microsoft.com).  This is an introductory course for self starters to learn how to get the most out of MS Office business tools. We also provide instruction on advanced design programs used for web publishing and technical graphic design. 



A graduate from Salem State University, a graphic design major, Sahim spent the early part of his career honing his people skills in retail for men’s clothing, then corporate branding & presentation design in several financial institutions including BankBoston, Mellon Financial, Templeton Investments, and American Express. Eventually he found himself back in the Architecture & Construction sector where he acquired experience in human centered design. Sahim currently leads a team of 5-web development/marketing communications enthusiasts that share the vision of helping businesses scale to insure a longevity within their respective markets. Serving clients in World-class Architecture, Construction, Real Estate, Mining & Manufacturing, Motor Yacht, Healthcare, Continued Education, Cultural Arts, Non-profits and New Enterprise. “The reality is, there isn’t a lesson learned that doesn’t come with a price. We all have talents in distinct areas therefore a time will come when we need to ask for help in order to connect the dots to success. My goals are to create the means to allow business owners to Inform, Educate, and Connect with their target audience.”
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