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Sahim Z.

A graduate from Salem State University, a graphic design major, Sahim spent the early part of his career honing his people skills in retail for men’s clothing, then corporate branding & presentation design in several financial institutions including BankBoston, Mellon Financial, Templeton Investments, and American Express. Eventually he found himself back in the Architecture & Construction sector where he acquired experience in human centered design. Sahim currently leads a team of 5-web development/marketing communications enthusiasts that share the vision of helping businesses scale to insure a longevity within their respective markets. Serving clients in World-class Architecture, Construction, Real Estate, Mining & Manufacturing, Motor Yacht, Healthcare, Continued Education, Cultural Arts, Non-profits and New Enterprise.

“The reality is, there isn’t a lesson learned that doesn’t come with a price. We all have talents in distinct areas therefore a time will come when we need to ask for help in order to connect the dots to success. My goals are to create the means to allow business owners to Inform, Educate, and Connect with their target audience.”

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