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Senia’s Treats Interview

After dinner at the Oceanic Restaurant in Pompano Beach, I dropped in on the Girl’s Night Out Social and decided to support a few of the local vendors. As always I look to give somone a shout out so today’s Business Leader on the Move is Jessenia Sanchez, owner of Senia’s Treats. Serving custom cupcakes, […]

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January 2021’s Business Leader on the Move

A special shout out to January 2021’s Business Leader on the Move, Officer Jean Dumay, CEO and Founder of D Force Protection Services. For 10 years I’ve been telling him about the missed opportunities from not promoting his business. All this time he’s been telling me what he’s going to do and apparently now is […]

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4-Key Elements to Creating a “One Page Business Plan”

“If You Want To Succeed In Business, Avoid Business As Usual” – fortune cookie When I was a young’n my grandpop would tell me that “You could go anywhere I wanted in life, but you’ll most certainly need someone’s help in getting there.” Looking back, I can see that these words of wisdom was the […]

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