Self Defense Starts in your Mind!

Part 1 of 3

A presentation on Boxing/Martial Punching Art Concepts. This clip is a 3 minute highlight of one of a series of 30 minute conversational demos for beginning weekend warriors. Here I demonstrate speed punching, a straight punch, a backhand strike and generating speed/power from the hips.

Most martial art schools have to pay rent and all too often the focus on self defense lessons deteriorate to offering just enough to pay the bills therefore the lessons take a sharp turn by offering basic lessons to as many people as possible. I reveal how many people are taught a sense of false pride after taking some classes over a period of time and my recommendation to prevent from falling into that trap is to set aside some time to hitting a heavy bag.

My objective is to encourage you to start somewhere and don’t get overwhelmed with the technical details of combat sports. Just know that if you approach your lessons to relieve some stress and have fun, then in time you’ll develop a sense of confidence in your abilities and you should seek out lessons in a system to fine tune your strength, balance, and well being.


Sahim Zaid is the founder and Lead Instructional Designer for Business Leaders on the Move, a Professional Management & Personal Development Training company, offering Introductory Courses and Continuous Education Seminars/Conferences for the Job Seeker and Independent Entrepreneur.  He can be reached at: (954) 522-2985, info@BusinessLeadersOnTheMove.com